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Working for God.


MariaElena Knight

MariaElena Knight is the first elder of El Paso Northeast. She graduated from New Mexico State University with a Master of Social Work and from the University of Pheonix with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She has a clinical license to practice in Texas and New Mexico, and is a certified anger resolution therapist. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, she's lived in the Northeast since 1994 with her husband, Milo. 


Raymond House, Pastor
Michelle Rosalez, Elder
Gus Ruiz, Elder
Adrian Mena, Elder
Steve Weaver
, Head Deacon

Brian Canales, Head Deacon
Kayla Tryon, Head Deaconess
Milo Knight, Clerk
Harald Halseth, Treasurer
Michelle Rosalez, Assistant Treasurer + Director of Pathfinders
Ellen Benoit, Sabbath School Superintendent
Annalisa Frej-Flores, Director of Music + Children's Ministry
Melissa Drayton, Director of Women's Ministry
Harald Halseth, Director of Communications
Isaac Drayton, Director of Technology
Joe Drayton, Director of Men's Ministry
Dorothy Scrantom, Community Services

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