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This is home.

1. Be with Jesus.

The foundation of discipleship to Jesus is to abide with Him and our number one goal should be to cultivate an inner sanctuary where Jesus can dwell. As we become more aware of His presence in our daily life, His Spirit begins to change us from the inside out. His lifestyle of prayer, fasting, Sabbath, silence and solitude, and Bible study sets the example of how to be with Him. We must be willing to follow. 

2. Become like Jesus.

As we abide and adopt the lifestyle of Jesus, His love will transform us into the likeness of His glory. Like adding yeast to a batch of dough, it will take time, but He promises that we will begin to think like Him, grieve and mourn like Him, and love like Him. His presence will spread throughout our entire body and mind.

3. Do what Jesus does.

As we become like Jesus, He calls us, His disciples, to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom just as He did. We are to heal the sick, feed the poor, give sight to the blind, and set the captive free. As we remain in His love, His love will awaken a love in our hearts to spread the goodness of God to all we come in contact with. He wants to use us to reveal this reality: that He has overcome sin and the grave, and that He is coming again to set things right.

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